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Joanne Potts

Postby fladogfan » Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:08 pm

Cindy aka libby the lab posted this on facebook. Posting here for those Iditabuds who are not on facebook.
There are two comments from Heidi and Moose aka Cathleen following the article.

Cindy Cowherd‎
BSSD Iditabuds
August 15 at 6:34 PM ·
Willow Mushing News
August 15 at 11:01 AM ·

From Joanne Potts:
From: "Joanne Potts" <>
Date: August 14, 2019 at 3:54:23 PM AKDT
Subject: Saying Farewell but NOT Good by

Hello Mushers:

I know many of you have already heard that I will no longer be an Iditarod employee after the 15th of this month. My position was terminated by the administration in the interest of moving this race forward in a different direction. I had hoped to continue working here as long as my health was good and I was able to do the work required, so I leave with much sadness. Mushers and volunteers have been a huge part of my life since 1976, over half my life, and I’ll miss you all but look forward to seeing you from time to time.

I leave here with nothing but good thoughts and hopes of a bright future for this Race and for mushers yet to come. I’m happy that we’ve come to an agreement that allows me to still be involved to some extent. I will continue working with the Iditarod veterinarians under contract with Dr. Nelson. So, you will be hearing from me from time to time with regard to veterinary issues. I still very much intend to remain connected to this culture that’s been a part of my life for the last 43 years.

In the meantime, if you need assistance with anything having to do with the race, you should contact Chas St. George, COO, at If he can’t answer your question, he will be able to point you in the right direction.

My best wishes to all of you and I thank the many mushers I’ve worked with over the years for allowing me to be part of their lives too. Working with you all has been my pleasure and my honor. And by the way there will be a gathering at the Menard Center on the 18th. I’d love to see any of you who can make it there between 2 and 6 that afternoon. Thank you all for the kind e-mails you have sent. I will respond to each of you shortly.

I might add that you can feel free to share this e-mail.

Best regards to all,


Heidi: Most of you probably know this, but Joanne's husband passed away suddenly Saturday morning. They were married 57 years. Joanne decided she wanted to go ahead with the gathering on Sunday, and there are some amazing photos from the event on her fb page. (You don't have to be fb friends with her to view them.)

Cathleen Griffin Big changes. :( <3 And it looks like they recently celebrated an anniversary, too. Wishing her well.
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