Banquet replay

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Banquet replay

Postby libby the lab » Mon Mar 18, 2019 3:27 pm

Banquet replay will be on The Insider at 5 p.m. ADT. The Insider chat will be open and I think our should also be open
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Re: Banquet replay

Postby Heidi » Mon Mar 18, 2019 3:34 pm


Hello Insiders. As you know, disappointingly, we were unable to live stream the awards at Sunday's Finisher Banquet due to issues with internet/technology. We will be replaying the awards starting to day at 5:00 pm (AK). In the event, our final musher arrives in Nome during the broadcast, the banquet replay will be interrupted and we'll cover the finish at the burled arch. We again apologize that we were not able to bring this to you as it was happening. Here's where you'll find the Insider replay:

I just now heard about this. I hope to be in the forum chat tonight as much as possible. Hopefully someone else can transcribe for non-Insiders.

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Re: Banquet replay

Postby fladogfan » Tue Mar 19, 2019 3:48 am

I am so sorry that I missed the fun of sharing the banquet with all you 'buds.

However let me tell you a little trick you too can use.
If I don't sign out or leave the chat page I can go back and read what happened while I slept. So thanks for that. However this trick doesn't work if your computer is set to turn everything off.
Don't believe I would have been able to stay awake last night anyway. It was after 1am the night before when I got to sleep after being here in chat.

Mushkraut and Alaska61 and I cheered in the Red Lantern yesterday. Victoria was really moving along after so many hours slowly moving or just plain stopped on the way to Safety. If I remember correctly she was moving at 8 mph on way into Nome. I even got to see the dogs in chute before her sled made it into picture. I do not have Insider except for the gps tracker. BUT Alaska61 has it and shared what he saw and heard to mush and me. We were in chat till about 6:30pm EDT. I always check the forum and nothing was there about replay of banquet video. BUT knowing ITC they probably hadn't told you Insiders yet either.

Mush and I (were you here too AK61) also watched and cheered our very strong Sarah into Nome. What a person she is, the dogs want to go but no one wants to lead so...tada... Sarah takes the lead spot. Too bad we humans only have two legs to get us around. But what joy for Sarah and her dogs to get to the arch that way. Good for you Sarah!!!

I laughed, teared up and just enjoyed your reporting of the banquet.
elsietee, sorry you are sick, flu is no fun! Hope you are on the mend. Thx for all the reporting you did while feeling bad. I hope you know how much you are appreciated.
Heidi! I have missed you this year. You know work is a four letter word don't you?
libby the lab stepped in also on reporting what was being said and done..thx.

Breeze and sarsmile were in kibbizting all is well.

This is a short grab from the chat that made me laugh. Jeff King.

Heidi: incredible overflow on yukon, not seen in decades but it was warm and all was forgiven' pulled into rohn
(23:26:46) Heidi: and asked wanna park short/long term?
(23:27:09) Heidi: spontaneously he asked guy do you have handicap parking. everybody laughed. stayed spent quality time there
(23:27:26) Heidi: cut finger early in the race infected and hurt
(23:27:43) Heidi: get through sleep but didn't feel finger was good to go.
(23:27:50) Heidi: vet helped him out with finger

(23:28:40) Heidi: woman vet looked up and he asked her do you work on old men? and vet says you need to be WAY more specific. told her he cut finger and she said i can help with that

And this too.

(23:31:15) libby_the_lab: Jeff peed in gatorade bottle then slept and woke up and took a swig
(23:31:33) sarsmile: (I really didn't need to know that)
(23:31:37) elsietee: Tells the story of his daughter drinking ethanol by mistake because she put it in a water bottle
(23:31:41) Heidi: :D
(23:32:03) libby_the_lab: full story here SARS!
(23:32:15) elsietee: he didn't learn the lesson about not putting things you don't want to drink into drinking vessels
(23:32:43) Breeze: Well, TMI seems to go along with being human.
(23:32:59) elsietee: his timing, telling this story, was very good :)
(23:33:25) elsietee: allowing the audience to come to the conclusion of the story, without telling them
(23:33:39) sarsmile: Jeff is a good storyteller
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Re: Banquet replay

Postby flowerpower » Tue Mar 19, 2019 7:50 am

Sorry I missed it. I'm at our Lake house and I'm out of data from my hotspot. Which means I have to do everything on my phone which isn't easy! :?
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Re: Banquet replay

Postby Heidi » Tue Mar 19, 2019 6:27 pm

I laughed imagining you laughing, fdf! :D Glad you could go back and read it. Missed you flowerpower! Small group, but I was glad I was here. 8-)
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