Jason Campeau

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Jason Campeau

Postby life (jplife) » Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:32 am

Jason Campeau
8 hrs · Rocky Mountain House, AB ·
Well this my first post since my life flipped over literally on the Yukon Quest. I don’t really know how to thank a family that saved my life. David, Sandy and amazing son took me to there home and treated me like a part of the family. When I finally gained consciousness I remembered Sandy praying over me and David telling me my dogs were all bedded down in his barn with the heat on happy as could be. I also remember they let My main Dog and best friend Spider in to say hi and he curled right up to me under the covers to warm me up and I remembered thinking that this was my ultimate goal when getting in this sport. Having a bond with my dogs that was beyond indescribable and trying to help others using this sport has a platform. The funny thing is that I quickly realized in this time of need that the Yukon Quest sled dog race is truly a family and that we still have people in this world that would go above and beyond to help someone in need. I was not always coherent however when I was I felt like an army of people had assembled to make sure my dogs and I would be safe. I can’t remember all the names of everyone but a paramedic named Kenzie brought peace to me in difficult time, along with Martin one of the vets on the quest along with a young Doc who came in from Eagle by snowmobile. I am just so appreciative of how quickly the Yukon Quest and everyone involved stepped up to what I was told save my life. I was so focused on my dogs and race that I never stopped to listen to what my body was telling me after I had a concussion. I even remember after falling over and over after all my dog chores were done trying shake myself and try to shake it off before hitting my help button. The problem was that the damage was already done and I was not going to win this fight. I have been injured and really hurt before and this was just a quick downward spiral of loosing all functionality and nothing like I had ever felt before. I was found out cold in the snow with thin gloves and not really done up at all in -50 temps. Our team had just launched into race mode after going from the last checkpoint before eagle in 16th place to leaving Eagle in 5th place. The team had caught a bad virus that had forced other teams to scratch but I remember giving them an unscheduled 8 hour break very early on after my concussion to try and get them healthy and eating. I was so proud of the dogs and myself as we had the whole team eating like sharks and wanting to race and any musher knows that is just a great feeling. So again all of this took my mind off of what was really going on with myself. I have learned a lot from this experience and I am still going through a lot of tests and MRIs to figure out what is going on. My right hand does not have very much mobility and back ,Neck that suffered some damage we are waiting on next steps from my amazing neurologist Dr. Burns. All this being said I did quite a bit of crying when I realized I would not be able to run the Iditarod with 16 of my best buds. Every training run and race we checked are egos at the door and ran our dogs at the speed they were most comfortable at. The plan had worked as we did not have an injury all year and the dogs were now firing on all cylinders. It was obviously very emotional and still is however I am proud to say my team will still get to be rewarded and run the Iditarod that they trained for all Larry Daugherty Daugherty who brought so much comfort to me being with my team. I know Larry will look after them and I know our amazing team of canine athletes will look after him. I am sorry if I have not got back to everyone yet and I know I have forgotten names but to all my family, friends, Atka Kennel fans and team of amazing people who saved me thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will never forget what you did for me.
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life (jplife)
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Re: Jason Campeau

Postby fladogfan » Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:46 am

jp, thank for sharing this message, tears here, I'm so thankful for Jason's health and all the people of the Quest who stopped their lives to help a fellow musher.
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Re: Jason Campeau

Postby Moose » Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:48 pm

What a story. So glad and thankful that he's going to be okay.
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